/TK4100 RFID Cards

TK4100 ISO card
TK4100 is CMOS integrated circuit for using in 125KHz read only RFID cards. TK4100 ISO card is compatible with EM format card, such as EM4100 card and EM4102 card. TK4100 chip data modulating and transmission is coded by Manchester modulation format. Due to the small volume of TK4100 chip and antenna, it is easier to embed in a small and thin tag or ISO card. It is widely using as ID card, information tag, goods tag, package , animal tag , school cards and metal tag ect. Only those who can use the serial number to identify the main object attributes can use it!
-Dimension: 85.60 x 53.98mm (credit card size ,CR80)
-Thickness : 0.9 +-0.02mm
-Card surface: Matt/Glossy finish
-Material : PVC, PET, ABS, PET-G, Paper
-Housing: Laminated

Card craft:
-Punching hole
-Silver/gold metallic
-Magnetic stripe: 2750oe hico ,4000oe hico , loco
-Offset/silk-screen printing
-UV logo
-Numbering: thermal number, UV number, jet dot number, laser number
-Signature panel
Key Features:
-64 bit memory
-On chip voltage limiter
-Full wave rectifier on chip
-Large modulation depth due to low impedance modulation device
-Very small chip size convenient for implantation
-On chip 480PF resonance capacitor
-On chip supply buffer capacitor
-Operating frequency:100-150KHz typical : 125KHz
-Low power consumption

-Animal tag
-ID card
-School card
-Automatic management
-Industrial production
-Read only memory in identify serial number.

The TK4100 chip is completely compatible with EM4200 / EM4100/EM4102. The performance and usage of the two chips are the same. As the price of TK4100 chip is very competitive, so TK4100 chip is used in many system instead of EM4200/EM4100/EM4102 chip.
The TK4100 proximity ID card is based on SMC4100 IC connected with a few laps, which are then embedded in plastic. No batteries required. This card is read-only, 40-bit unique number in the Manchester code.

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